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Where do you live?

I live in midtown Toronto with my wife and four kids. 

We live in a neighbourhood called Bedford Park, which is located by the intersection of Yonge and Lawrence.

What do you love about midtown?

It offers all the benefits of big-city living, but with a quiet residential feel.

There are lots of green spaces and parks, good restaurants and shopping, and excellent schools. Also, its central location is a perfect springboard to access the rest of Toronto.

What do you do for fun?

When I’m not working, you will usually find me spending time with my wife and four kids. I am well acquainted with all the parks in midtown, and most of the venues for extra-curricular activities.

The little time I have for myself is spent either reading or exercising. I was overweight up until recently. For many reasons, I committed to making changes in my life and lost about 80 pounds.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off, I like to go for long walks and listen to podcasts and audiobooks, and I like to go to the gym to lift weights.

What neighbourhoods do you work in?

My business is primarily repeat and referral based, which takes me all over Toronto.

However, my primary areas of expertise are the neighbourhoods closer to home.

I sell a lot of condos in the Yonge and Eglinton area, and also homes in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The neighbourhoods I work in include Bedford Park, Wanless Park, Lytton Park, Allenby, Chaplin Estates, Davisville Village, North Toronto, Lawrence Park, Sherwood Park, and Leaside.

Why did you become a real estate agent?

This is a common question, but not one that usually gets an honest response. You’re more likely to get a beauty pageant answer from an agent who claims to aspire to the real estate equivalent of wanting world peace. Instead of providing a beauty pageant answer, I will share with you the answer that shocked the manager who took me on when I first became a real estate agent.

Joining a real estate brokerage is similar in some ways to getting a typical nine to five job. It requires sitting for an interview with the manager to see if you might be a good fit at the brokerage.

I didn’t have much luck even getting to the interview stage at many of the brokerages I reached out to. The reason for this is that it’s a bit of a crap shoot taking on a new agent. It requires a lot of work to train them. And after all that training the likelihood of them making it in the business is slim to none.

I was able to get two interviews. The first brokerage where I interviewed didn’t work because they went out of business a couple of weeks later. This was fortunate for me because the second brokerage that agreed to meet with me was one of the most respected and prestigious brokerages in midtown, although I didn’t know that at the time.

When I met the manager, she asked me why I wanted to be a real estate agent. I told her I wanted an occupation that rewarded effort, which is something that my current job did not allow. 

At the time I was working at a Toronto based studio that was contracted out to create animated children’s television shows for a multi-national film studio based in Florida. I held the position of a technical director, which required finding creative solutions to any problems that came up in the production of the show.

The job had low expectations for productivity, and I would often get into trouble with management for being too efficient at my job. My efforts would undermine the studio’s profitability if the studio that had hired them knew that the work could be done faster and better.

I told the manager at the brokerage that the idea of working at a job where one is expected to do the bare minimum, with no opportunity or reward for trying to be better or more efficient, was a suffocating and soul-crushing proposition to me. There was no way I could commit to that for the rest of my life.

The manager then asked me why I thought real estate would be a good fit given my lack of a background in a traditional sales job. I told the manager it occurred to me I could make it in real estate after having a bad experience with a real estate agent who had helped me buy a property. 

From start to finish, there were many things the agent said and did that made the experience unpleasant. It was all very ego driven. It was all about that agent. After closing the sale, I wondered if everything the agent did was to serve my interests or the agent’s.

And yet, despite the agent’s poor service, the agent was successful. I reasoned that if that agent was successful, then I could be too, but in a different way. I would commit to doing my job in a way that was sympathetic to the needs of my clients and offer a level of service that I didn’t get from that agent. I would make them the hero of their journey.

I was staring off and reminiscing while recounting my experience working with that agent so I didn’t notice the manager’s reaction until I stopped talking. The manager was shocked. No one had ever given her those reasons for wanting to be a realtor.

After all the years I’ve been in real estate, I understand now why the manager reacted in that way. I didn’t know at the time, but the experience I had with that agent was common. Having an agent want to take a client-first approach was rare, and I think still is. 

Most people, even today, who want to get into real estate are compelled to do so after seeing the supposed glamour of the job as represented in a reality tv show where the agents are presented as larger-than-life personalities, driving fancy cars and flaunting themselves like fancy peacocks. Or they have an experience with an agent who is incredibly successful and want to emulate exactly that. With dollar signs in their eyes and the vision of eventually flashing their pearly whites on a billboard, they want to build a business with themselves as the focus. Someday, they hope they too can say “Work with me because I’m #1!”.

That wasn’t my desire or approach when I became an agent and still isn’t. My approach is still client-focused. In my interactions as an agent, when representing a buyer or seller, my golden rule has been, and always will be, to ensure that the best interests of my clients are being met. The paycheque is secondary.

What part of your job brings you joy?

The real estate industry is incredibly competitive. If the industry keeps growing at its current rate, then at some point in the not-too-distant future the number of real estate agents will equal the number of transactions done in Toronto each year.

In such a fiercely competitive environment, it’s very humbling when someone chooses, amongst all the possible tens of thousands of real estate agents, to work with me.

With that commitment to work with me comes the happy burden for me of ensuring that a client’s best interests are taken care of in finding the right home, or ensuring a positive outcome in the sale of their home.

Having been through the process a few times myself, I understand and appreciate that the purchase or sale of a home is a significant milestone in one’s life. To be able to contribute in some small way to that chapter in a client’s life helps me to derive meaning and satisfaction in what I do.

Why should I hire you?

I could go into detail about the hard-earned experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years that would benefit you by working with me, but that’s not the real reason. I say this because, while not all agents have the necessary knowledge and experience, buyers and sellers should expect that the agent they work with will have these skills.

The real reason you should work with me can be more easily summed up by recounting the reasons clients have given to me for choosing to work with me.

My clients often tell me that they trust me, and they know that I care about ensuring a good outcome for them.  This is reflected in the fact that most of my business is repeat and referral based.

Some of my clients are multiple generations in a single family who have collectively bought and sold more than ten properties with me. On more than one occasion a parent has told me that it gives them peace of mind knowing that I am helping their son or daughter to buy their first home (it’s another thing, when it happens, that I love about my job!).

If you scroll down, you can see some testimonials from previous clients that will give you an idea of their experiences having worked with me.

What clients are saying

Selling your house is stressful. Dimitrios understands this and makes it as easy as possible and simple.

We followed a very aggressive timeline to sell as I had already bought my next home (with Dimitrios’ help and excellent guidance).

Dimitrios handled all the staging (he really made the most of the open concept) including helping me move my belongings into storage for the staging period, connected me with painters to update the home and its curb appeal, and worked tirelessly to get the house ready.

When it came time to price, he offered a few options and explained how they fit with Toronto’s competitive market. With his contacts and marketing, interest was high right away. We got an offer after just a few days that made me extremely happy and I am sure the difference was his staging and his contacts.

At closing time, there was some confusion between my lawyer and the buyers and Dimitrios stepped in and helped me to clear it up. I would one hundred percent recommend Dimitrios and I consider him my realtor for life.

Siofan Davies

Dimitri is the real deal. He has been my agent of choice on several occasions. 

We have used him on both sides, buy/sell. He is smart and he can sell. He is determined to get the best price for his client. It’s just in his blood. 

He is a very skilled negotiator who knows what a win/win deal looks like. Hire him and you won’t regret it.

Susan & John Sheard

Dimitrios was our agent for the sale of our initial retirement home this past fall. We have bought and sold a number of homes in Canada and the US.

Dimitrios was the best agent with whom we have worked. He managed excellently all the administrative details required for this sale; however, it was his “devotion” to selling our property that was truly remarkable.

It was a pleasure to work with such a calm, resourceful and decent person.

Frances & Mike Munro

My husband and I worked with Dimitrios to sell our condo and buy our first house.

Working with Dimitrios was a great experience as he was extremely patient, answered our many questions and took a lot of his time on house visits to explain details or discuss the neighbourhood.

We had some issues with our condo right after it sold and Dimitrios was very helpful in assisting us to work through them and find some contractors to get repairs done.

Buying and selling a house is a stressful experience and it’s important to have a real estate agent that you feel you can trust and communicate well with.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Dimitrios as a real estate agent based on our experiences working with him!

Valerie Diaz & Miguel Gutierrez Diaz

My father hired Dimitrios to sell one of his investment properties. He had a good experience working with him.

Based on my father’s recommendation, we hired Dimitrios to help us find a home.

We are so happy we did. Dimitrios helped us find our forever home. We would recommend Dimitrios to anyone who needs a good real estate agent.

Lily and Jason Nguyen

I learned about Dimitrios because he was constantly selling condos in my building – always very quickly and above asking. 

I decided I needed to get his expertise working for me. He definitely has a system. He professionally markets and stages your place at his expense. He personally does open houses relentlessly. 

He lets you know how everything is going. And although he takes your real estate very seriously, he doesn’t take himself seriously, and enjoys a good laugh. 

He also did great on the buy side and got me what I wanted. I highly recommend Dimitrios

 Dalit Fichman

Dimitrios made buying my first house and selling my condo an absolute breeze. He took care of everything I dreaded about moving and searching for a new place to call home. 

The process was so easy that I actually felt sorry for other people when they talked about the stress of moving! 

He always showed up 100% and (even when he was closing a deal that day) was punctual, reliable, and totally invested. 

Going to look at houses with him was like having a neighbourhood “insider” — he knew what issues to look out for in each area and provided great support and guidance. I can’t imagine doing it without him.  

To top things off, he provided a lot of help to my boyfriend when he found himself in an awkward situation with another realtor “double-ending” a deal. 

I would trust Dimitrios with all my future real estate dealings. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Ardith Baerveldt

Our goal was to get out of our 1+den condo and into our new home before our first-born daughter came along. 

Enter Dimitrios. 

We had a not-so-easy search, looking at house after house, getting outbid multiple times, and ensuring we didn’t just settle on something we didn’t love.

Dimitrios was our rock when we got carried away and he was optimistic when we felt hopeless. He knew the market, saw true value in homes, and encouraged us to make a smart

And then our offer was accepted on our new family home.

We now had the task of selling our condo and Dimitrios quickly put his plan into place. He provided packing materials, a short-term locker, staged our unit, and listed it in record time. We were the most nervous we had ever been, but we knew we had our rock on our side.

Within a couple days of listing, the offers came in and Dimitrios was a master negotiator. 

He successfully sold our condo, lined up the closing dates with our new home, and helped us reach our goal.

We are truly thankful for everything he did for our family.

Rhonda & Jason Attwell

I tried selling my condo with another agent, but I wasn’t able to get any offers close to the price I wanted.

I ended up having to rent it instead.  When the tenants moved out I hired Dimitrios and he sold the property, got me the price I wanted, and did it in only two weeks.

I would recommend Dimitrios to anyone who wants an agent who can get them a quick sale and good price for their condo.

Sheida Sharara

Dimitrios made buying a condo for my wife and I an easy, painless and a downright enjoyable experience.

His knowledge of the market and the neighborhoods we were interested seemed endless and he was always able to answer any question we had.

We were very impressed with how professional, calm and easy going he was. 

We never felt pressured or rushed when we went to showings and he was always available to meet.

When it came to purchasing out condo, his experience and expertise really came out.

He was able to negotiate with the seller and get a great price with the conditions we wanted. We could see just how much he cared because when our offer was accepted, he was just as excited as we were!

We would strongly recommend Dimitrios to anyone that is interested in working with a real estate agent that truly cares about his clients and can deliver when it matters.

Jess & Chris Munro

Dimitrios has simply been the best realtor! 

From renting my first apartment, to buying my primary residence, and now purchasing an investment property, Dimitrios has been the most helpful in every step of the way. 

He answered all my questions and needs and took the time to work with me. 

Buying a property can be very stressful, but Dimitrios made the process seamless and easy.

Dimitrios is very knowledgeable in his field and resourceful, also very friendly and professional, which makes it a pleasure to work with him.

I will definitely work with Dimitrios in the future and recommend his service to anyone! Just amazing!

Carole Belalta

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